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Friday, 5 June 2009

Rats, Maggots and Coffins!

Back again!
Well in the last few weeks weve had some pretty interesting shoots at Kingswood in Overtsrand and at 'Take 5' in Norwich!
Our first shoot was in a longish hall in Kingswood where we were filming the banquet scene and so had to lay out a heap of food including jelly, apples, melon and a pig's head!
We brought along with us the two rats Jodie and Josie who were incredible actresses and did it in one take! We also had the pleasure of having the infamous Alex May with us playing Dracula once more. Nice one Alex! Then we got the maggots out..............

Firstly they absolutely stink!!!!
And after we filmed them squerming about all over our lovely feast we had to clear them up which i have to admit was the worst job i have EVER had to do.
And we did all this without the Kingswood crew noticing. Hehehehe!

The next shoot was in a cellar in 'Take 5' where we had to transport 4 coffins.....
3 came in the minibus along with about half a dozen slightly cramped pupils.
When we got there everyone had to be made up into VAMPIRES (except Alex Tebble a.k.a Guy). Jack C and me got some leafage from the middle of the roundabout outside.

Getting in the coffins was the easy bit, getting out was slightly harder...
Though we pulled it off while looking rather creepy!
Well done to everyone who filmed it! We're nearly there so keep up the good work!

Zoe x

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Alby Barn Shoot

Ello all V+ fans!
In the last 2 days we have been filming at a secret location some where in the Norfolk countryside (Alby) and have been hard at work trying to get things done!
The first day we spent there the 5 main actors had to act slighty drunk (apart from Becky, who's a natural :) ).
The sets were fab! The crew were paitent! No chickens or lambs ran onto the shot (an added bonus).
The next day things became sligthy abnormal (for filming a vampire film anyway), where Becky AND Lisa tragically died in a sticky golden-syrup-and-food-colouring mess. Lisa was killed by Molly (no suprises there), and Becky was supposedly killed by a group of Vampire children. However as most of them were either at school or in another country we had to make do with what we had there (1 camera man, 1 sound man, 1 lighting man and 2 of the main characters)---so Fleur was killed by her collegues??? Haha only joking!
So lots of fake blood was used (made by me) and so as i made the mess i decided it was only right to clean it up so i spent 20 minutes scrubbing the shower to get scarlet golden syrup off (Kim and Aggie HELP ME!!)
Thanks to everyone for putting up with George :) (nah we love ya really) and thank the heavens for the weather!
Until next time......
Zoe (Suzanne) x

Sunday, 29 March 2009

We are planning to put on a presentation evening to the parents and friends of the people who went to Romania. The idea of this is that the parents and friends of the people who went can find out what we did while we were over there. Should be good! I will try to get some of the team to put up some new posts soon.

That's all for now, keep looking here for more updates. Ash.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009